Gauged Rake Darby "3 Footer"

$ 175.00

This tool has many names: darby, rake, smoother, gauge rake, depth gauge, float. No matter what you call it however, its one of the most used tools you own. Previously, virgin Redwood was the most commonly used material to make these tools, but as of late, the supply of Redwood that is acceptable for building a darby has dwindled and become hard to find. We ran into this problem ourselves and started looking for an alternative.

We came up with these beautiful tools.

The darbys are made from magnesium and are extremely lightweight, durable and not susceptible to warping. If left in the sun, or stored incorrectly, a Redwood darby will warp and bow, making it hard to get a good finish on your floor. These magnesium darbys have adjustable depth gauge pins which you can set for up to 2.5 inches of material depth. The pins are made from aluminum and use a Philips head screwdriver to adjust. They are also extremely easy to clean.

 The "3 Footer" is great for doorways, halls, closets and bathrooms. It is the most versatile darby we offer.


"3 Footer": 2lbs 10oz.

We do not provide a handle but the adapter is for a normal broom handle style threading. We recommend an aluminum or fiberglass handle for the ultimate lightweight darby, however a standard wood handle will work as well.

(Actual size is around 2' 11" so you can fit through most doorways or 3' halls.)