Boot Spike Set

$ 150.00

Forget the hard and heavy metal boot spikes. These boot spikes are lightweight and made from a soft, flexible material that keeps your boots out of the underlayment. Best of all, your feet don't get tired or sore from walking in these innovative boot spikes all day.

There is a clear advantage to wearing our boot spikes, rather than just walking in the underlayment with rubber boots. By wearing the boot spikes the underlayment is less disturbed, especially with self-leveling materials applied at a 1/4 inch or less.

Clean up is quick and easy, as the underlayment sprays off the spikes with a hose.

 The spikes are 2 inches high and can be attached to rubber boots, work boots, or anything else you choose to walk in.

 Note: You will receive four spike pieces, which will be enough to attach to one pair of shoes. Two backs and two fronts. These are just the spikes. You will need to supply your own boots.