Boot Replacement Kit

$ 110.00

Are your Gypsum Toolbox Boot Spikes still in great shape but the rubber boots attached to them destroyed?

We understand. Job sites and daily usage can be tough on the rubber boots, so we've put together a refresh kit. This kit includes everything you need to replace the rubber boots on a set of Gypsum Toolbox Boot Spikes. The only thing you won't receive are the actual Spikes.

Here's what's included:

  • New rubber boots (choose a size)
  • Backing plates inside the boots
  • New hardware

We will put everything together so all you have to do is remove the Spikes from your old set of rubber boots and put them onto the new set. We'll already have the backing plates installed in the new set of boots with the bolts installed, and the nuts will be threaded onto the bolts for shipping. Simply thread the nuts off the bolts, slide your old Spikes over the new bolts and thread the nuts back on. Done.

You can either cut the excess bolt off, or leave it there.


Shoe size 9 and under, choose Large.

Shoe size 10 to 12, choose Extra Large.

Shoe size 12.5 and up choose 2XL


Remember, no Boot Spikes are included in this replacement kit.